Interview with Colin Choo, Artistic Manager | Bulletin

1. What makes a good vehicle design?
Good vehicle design needs to be emotional. Vehicles move – they turn, they dart, they squat on power and they dive on hard braking. Hence, they generate emotions much like a hunting cheetah or an escaping gazelle. On the same note, we wouldn’t want to design them like a static refrigerator. Vehicles need to have a sense of motion, a sense of urgency, in other words, it needs to feel alive.

Various things around us (such as a sharks, eagles or other machines like jet fighters) can be used to inspire car designs. In the case of Tumbler Element, I used a determined firefighter as a persona to frame the design.


2. What difficulties did you experience in the design process?

Unlike conventional vehicles where the key operation is to transport goods or people, Tumbler Element and other special vehicles often carry with them additional specific functions. Using Tumbler Element as an example again, its other key function is to fight fires or attend to emergencies. Hence, its design revolves around a very practical need to make the firefighter’s operations efficient and swift. Every equipment needs to be strategically located for that function. On a vehicle with a smaller footprint, after fulfilling its functional requirements, it leaves very little room or ‘canvas space’ for us to form up character lines to adorn the vehicle with its deserved distinction and beauty.

In addition, factors such as material limitations and manufacturing constraints can be paramount considerations that will go on to become deciding factors on the design of the vehicle.

But again, I always believe that limitations can be turned into opportunities and this is where creativity truly resides.

3. What other designs can we expect to see in the future?

With a strong engineering team and committed teammates, I think there will be many possibilities. Vehicles are just one part of HOPE Technik’s business. We can perhaps look to the sky, the sea or perhaps the movies to imagine the future.