Interview with Kain Thiong, Technical Specialist | Bulletin

Technical specialist Yeo Kain Thiong has been part of the HOPE Technik team since 2010!
Read about his journey and how he is now heading the production team for partner company SESTO Robotics.

1. What do you enjoy about working in HOPE Technik?
There are many but let me share my top three factors!

First, I enjoy being with a group of like-minded people and in HOPE Technik, everyone has the same passion for engineering. While each of us may have a different yet creative method to create new products, all of us share the same mind set to strive for perfection in our endeavours.

Secondly, every project that I have done has a different set of challenges. These challenges have greatly improved my thinking skills, as well as technical and application knowledge. At the same time, I have learnt to have considerations for various areas before I make any judgements or decisions.

For my third factor, I must say that the working culture at HOPE Technik is very different from other engineering companies. We have a strong sense of camaraderie, almost like family! Very often, our CEO will walk towards us and ask us “How’s work, able to manage?” I appreciate his concern and I definitely enjoy our unique culture. Everyone is on par.

2. How has working at HOPE Technik contributed to your growth?

When I first joined HOPE, I did not have any clear career plans for myself. In my first performance review, I told my team leaders I only wanted to be a skilled technician and I didn’t want to do any documentation work or pick up any software skills! I guess my team leaders were more farsighted than I was and I am very thankful for that!

I have learnt many new skills, application of new tools and even the use of mechanical design software. There is no limit to how much you can learn in HOPE as long as you are willing to learn, willing to accept failure and learn from your mistakes. Everything is possible.

3. What are the opportunities available to you in your career at HOPE Technik?

I joined HOPE Technik in 2010 as a machinist after graduating from Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education with a certification in Precision Engineering (Machining) and completing my national service. In the last seven years, my career has evolved greatly. I was first a machinist, then technician, technical officer and now I am the production team leader for SESTO Robotics, a subsidiary of HOPE Technik that focuses on industrial robotics products and solutions. From the beginning, I set a goal to prove that hard work is the key to success even if you do not hold a degree or diploma and I am glad I have proven my naysayers wrong. We simply have different ways to succeed.

Right now, I am still amazed that I have gone beyond what I originally thought I could do and am actually managing a key production line with several full time technicians under my care.