Interview with Elijah Lin, Mechanical Engineer | Bulletin

We had a chat with Mechanical engineer Elijah Lin and found out about his career aspirations. Read on and learn more about what he does at work.

1. Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do in HOPE Technik.
Hi! My name is Elijah and I’ve just graduated from Nanyang Technological University and Technical University of Munich’s joint programme with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

As a mechanical engineer in HOPE Technik, I work on various projects that pull me out of my comfort zone. It places me in all stages of a product prototyping, from technology research, procurement to design and fabrication.

The key projects that I work on include unmanned aerial vehicles, composites and even mechanical portions of automated control systems. Being constantly placed in such projects challenges me to think out of the box, though tough as it might be, the invaluable knowledge I have gained is irreplaceable.

2. How has working in HOPE Technik developed your engineering career?

Working in HOPE Technik constantly places my mind at the fringe of challenging the impossible — be it in technology, engineering solutions or even deadlines! It has brought me to a really steep slope of an exciting learning experience, continuously facing a new set of problems every day. Hence, working in HOPE Technik has given me a glimpse of how much we can achieve in the engineering field when brilliant minds are brought together.

3. As the new year is approaching, what do you wish to achieve?

With greater heights of achievements in store for HOPE Technik in the new year, it is my wish for two things!

  • One, attract wacky, eccentric yet brilliant engineers to HOPE Technik where we break the boundaries of engineering.
  • Two, learn more from the many experienced and knowledgeable engineers in HOPE Technik.