Interview with Hossain Mir, Senior Technician and Chief Welder | Bulletin

Having worked in HOPE Technik for close to 6 years, Mr Hossain Mir has amassed a wealth of technical skills, including being certified to do marine and aviation related welding works. Fun fact: he was also involved in the welding of the fun slide in HOPE Technik’s main office lobby!

1. What are your day to day responsibilities of your role in HOPE Technik?
I deal a lot in mechanical work which involves the welding, mounting and integration of equipment onto vehicles to the creation of custom parts for vehicle projects. This can consist of vehicle aesthetic-related tasks including bodywork finishing and interior dressing for the vehicles as well. In addition, I help teach and guide junior technicians in their work.

No one day is the same, I seek to find solutions for different and sometimes challenging tasks.

2. Were there any memorable projects with HOPE Technik which you were involved in? What was it and how did you play a part?

Yes, there was a project that required me to weld up the engine and gearbox mounting frame onto a Wing In Ground-effect aircraft. However, before I could begin work on that frame, I needed to attain a welding certificate through the governing body overseeing and approving the works carried out on the project due to its Marine/Aircraft nature. Because of that, I had to undergo a few welding tests and after getting my certification, I was appointed as the main welder.

After completing the welding job, I went on-site with a few of my colleagues to integrate and install the engine and gearbox assembly of the aircraft. I was also present for the initial commissioning of the aircraft and was fortunate enough to be involved in the initial flights as a passenger!

3. How has HOPE Technik played a part in developing your career?

I have had a lot of opportunities to work on many special projects and learnt many technical skills in the process. Each project taught me the step-by-step on what needs to be done and the processes that go behind it. Once the project is completed, I feel very accomplished and am glad I made my mark on the project.

4. What advice would you give someone who would like to have a career in this industry?

Take it step by step, be willing to learn, be hardworking as it is not an easy role and have fun in the process 🙂