Interview with Milton Ooh, Purchasing Manager | Bulletin

We spoke with Milton Ooh, Purchasing Manager to find out more about his day to day duties and working life in HOPE Technik. Read on to find out more!

1. Tell us about yourself and the job that you do. What are your day to day responsibilities?
My name is Milton and I have been the Purchasing Manager for the company since December 2016. Part of my role in the company is to establish working relationships with existing and new vendors to source for equipment, materials and supplies.

Other day-to-day tasks include reviewing contracts for conformance to company policy and of course, negotiating with vendors on pricing, payment terms and warranties which ultimately improves future planning of purchases.

2. What do you like about the work culture at HOPE Technik?
Three phrases that I would summarise on working life here:
Like a family, we share good times and bad times, and no matter where we are from, we come together and celebrate activities as a whole unit.
Lifelong Learning
I regularly attend courses related to my work to improve efficiency and processes. The company also organises Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events hence, I make it a point to bring cheer to the elderly by talking (and even singing) to them!
I like that everyone is approachable and the company promotes cross-department training, allowing people from different departments to pick up and learn new skills.

3. How has working in HOPE Technik developed your career?
As this role requires a lot of communicating with vendors and teammates alike, I realise that my interpersonal skills have improved during the course of my work. In addition, I have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology while keeping up with best practices. This has helped widen my knowledge and improve my job performance.

4. On a personal level, what do you wish to achieve?
My wish is simple – to be humble, down-to-earth and love my family throughout my life.