Interview with Nurul Atiqah, Accounts Assistant | Bulletin

We spoke with Nurul Atiqah, Accounts Assistant to find out more about what she does daily and her working life in HOPE Technik. Read on to find out more!

1. Tell us about yourself and the job that you do. What are your day to day responsibilities?
Hello! My name is Atiqah and I have been an Accounts Assistant with the Finance department in the company since September 2014. Fact: I graduated with a Diploma in Business Administration (Finance & Accounting) from PSB Academy in 2014 and was first employed in the company to do some temporary administrative work. Fast forward a month later, I was employed as a full-time staff, ensuring that we pay our suppliers on time to prevent project delays and I have been with the company ever since!

Currently, my work responsibilities in the Finance department include being in charge of Accounts Receivable. This means that I ensure that cash inflow arrives on time from our customers. Internally, I work closely with Project Managers on project updates and manage our teammates’ expense claims too.

2. Do you have any memorable stories during your time at HOPE Technik? What do you like about the work culture here?
Regarding the work culture, I will sum up my experience with one word – unique.
Working alongside many kinds of R&D projects which cater to our many different customers, I can see that my engineering teammates are always caught in deep discussions on how to meet the client’s goals – no one day is the same for them. Even the founders of the company are sometimes seen assisting with projects and have no issues in helping out no matter the situation!

I also serve in the recreation committee where the team takes charge in the planning of activities and games for the entire company during festive periods. I am appreciative that my fellow teammates whom I work with are respectful and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

For memorable events – the most significant occasion would definitely be meeting my better half in the company!

3. How has working in HOPE Technik developed your career?
As this has been my first job since graduating, I have learnt a lot working in this position as well as the engineering industry. Even through simple situations such as picking up phone calls, I have learnt many different engineering terms over the years and am also glad that I can play my part in assisting with the financial aspects of the projects.

4. On a personal level, what do you wish to achieve?
I aim to upgrade myself on finance know-hows so that I can further advance my job competencies and I hope that I will have the opportunity to take on other job responsibilities within my department.