HOPE Technik - Audra ExoskeletonHOPE Technik - Audra Exoskeleton

Audra Exoskeleton, or Audra is designed with the purpose to help workers whose work involve repetitive bending and lifting actions through reducing the physical strain placed on the user’s back during the course of manual labour. In turn, this improves workplace safety and productivity.

Back injuries are one of the most prevalent form of workplace injuries, arising through daily work such as the continuous lifting and placing of heavy boxes by stock and material movers. When such incidents occur, workers may not be able to show up at work, resulting in disruptions and reduced efficiency.

Tim works as a stock and material mover in a factory and suffers from lower-back pain.

At times, Tim is unable to go to work due to his back injury.

Audra, a back support exoskeleton that aims to improve worker safety and aids lifting of loads below waist level works by diverting muscle use solely from the lower back to other areas of the body (e.g. abdomen) which also contribute to lifting or carrying heavy loads, hence reducing the risk of back injuries

Its compact and passive form allows it to be used in a variety of spaces and because of its intuitive design, minimal training for the user is required.

Tim finds out about Audra Exoskeleton and decides to give it a try.

Tim now wears Audra to aid him in his daily work and does not suffer from lower-back pain.

His colleague has also started using Audra and goes to work without worries.