The Click and Collect System is a dedicated automated robot arm receiving area which places merchandise into designated ‘pigeon hole’ shelves for temporary storage to be retrieved at the patron’s convenience at a shopping mall. The click-and-collect AGV is fitted with multiple LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles guaranteeing safe distance between itself and people. This allows the AGV to interact with automatic swing doors as well as interface with lifts to access and move across all levels of the mall.

The system uses 2 autonomous mobile robots (AMR) with secured shelves to transport purchased items from the shop fronts to the collection point by navigating through common pathways and the central lift to deposit merchandise in the collection point. The collection point is equipped with a robotic arm to retrieve merchandise from the docked AMR, and store it on transparent shelves as well as dispensing it when patrons decide to collect their items when they leave the mall.




 Feature Highlights
Display and added shopping experience
Secure storage of merchandise
Unmanned secure transport of merchandise within the mall premises
 Potential Applications      Dark Store


(Click and Collect system in action)









Professional Service Robot (PSR) Potential Evolution