HOPE Technik’s Decontamination Re-UVsable Mask Chamber (DRUM Chamber) is a decontamination chamber made for N95 masks, allowing them to be reused in the event of a shortage. With six germicidal lamps positioned in front and four lamps at the back, a total of ten 19W UV-C lamps work to decontaminate up to ten masks via a single UV exposure cycle of ten minutes.
DRUM Chamber is designed to be used with cone style N95 masks and surgical masks as the UV-C light needs to come into contact with all surfaces of the mask. In addition, no residual substances that may potentially cause harm to the user will remain on the mask.
Safety measures in place include a lock-door function during operations and lamp guards to prevent hitting of the lamps. DRUM Chamber is a viable long-term solution to extend the life of masks, allowing users to save costs and supplies at a time where demand is high.

 Dimensions (L x W x H): 0.7 m x 0.25 m x 0.9 m
 Cycle time for 4-Log reduction in viruses 10 min UV-C exposure
 Mask capacity per run 10 masks
 Efficacy: 99.9% (3-Log) decontamination
 Number of UV-C lamps 10 x 19W
 UV-C wavelength 254nm
 Operator control panel   Power on button and lock-out indicator during  decontamination cycle
 Mask type N95 Disposable Face Masks* + surgical masks
Compatible with 3M N95 series
 Power Source 240V Mains, 3 pin plug
 Housing Stainless steel