HOPE Airshow 2020

The Omnidirectional Weapons Loader (OWL) by HOPE Technik – a power packed electric vehicle built to achieve maximum output with minimal manpower.

Fitted with four Mecanum wheels for its mobility, the loader is able to accomplish seamless omnidirectional motion, allowing for ease of movement even in narrow spaces.

OWL’s motorised steel table can hold up to 1.3 tons and is able to lock in place whilst adjusting the payload to its desired angle, ensuring ease of use. At its core, the ordnance loader’s purpose is to improve productivity for personnel working in an airbase. This shift will allow for greater air power generation with no existing modifications needed for the aircraft, ordnance and support equipment.



Qualifications Qualified to MIL STD 810H
Qualified to MIL STD 461 / 464
Design to MIL STD 1472
Design to MIL STD 882E
Design to MIL STD 1629
Design to MIL STD 209K
UL 1989
EN IEC 61000-6-4
EN IEC 60335-1/2-29
Potential Applications Installation of Aircraft engine and parts

OWL 3D video


OWL Physical Demonstration Video







Defence and Homeland Security





Professional Service Robot (PSR) Potential Evolution


To enquire more about the OWL, please drop us an email at sales@hopetechnik.com