Singapore’s first Robotics Middleware Framework for Healthcare The new RMF for healthcare is a technology adoption and integration framework that will facilitate the development and wide-scale deployment of smart systems. As one of the world’s most comprehensive RMFs, it will enable many different and complex technology systems within and outside of healthcare to ‘talk’ and work with each other according to a standard framework, much like a network of information highways for robots and IoT (Internet of Things). When completed, the highly-interoperable RMF will reduce the complexities for the integration of the many equipments, devices and robots in healthcare, and encourage greater innovation and cross-sector collaboration to co-create solutions and applications, in building Singapore’s Smart Nation.

This three-year research and development collaboration is led by MOH’s Smart Systems Programme Office, supported by Centre for Healthcare Assistive and Robotics Technology (CHART) and IHiS, in partnership with Government Technology Agency (GovTech), and industry partners Open Robotics (Singapore) and HOPE Technik.

To find out more about RMF, please visit the CHART website.