HOPE Technik’s Robotics Middleware Framework for Healthcare coined BEACON is an intelligent, all-connecting solution which allows end-users and system integrators to deploy multiple types and brands of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in a shared environment. 

As the demand for AMRs grow, more companies are deploying different robots from different brands as a means to solve ever-changing needs within their industry. While the gaps in operations are met with AMRs which speak different languages, a new problem has arisen – the difference in operating systems for the robots means they are not able to communicate with each other. This may lead to delays in operations and collisions, resulting in delays and incurred costs.

BEACON is the solution for universal integration. It eliminates interoperability challenges and conflicts when using these different AMRs with shared lifts, doors, corridors and other infrastructures, allowing for ease of use and time saved.

Take a look at BEACON in action and how it enables interoperability. To find out more, drop us an email at sales@hopetechnik.com.