With an extensive track record for developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems ranging from components fabrication to full system construction covering both hardware and software, HOPE Technik has proven its capability in providing precision engineering solutions for unique problem statements.

SpiderHOPE Technik’s UAVs are created to fulfil a wide range of operations in difficult environmental conditions, as seen in Spider, a multirotor UAV with vertical take-off and landing capability. The robust platform supports various payloads and is designed as a modular system. Because of its proprietary ‘swarm’ technology, each Spider is able to operate autonomously and collaboratively to perform designated tasks.

From surveillance, patrolling, infrastructure inspections to even aerial photography and videography, Spider allows for greater efficiency and effectiveness of control by an operator to many unmanned platforms simultaneously. Spider is an accredited product under Accreditation@SGD.

Water SpiderAnother UAV which HOPE Technik has delivered is Water Spider. Water Spider is a waterproof UAV equipped with the ability to take off and land on water. Tethered to a power source in a vessel, it can remain in the air for extended periods without causing disruption to operations, especially during emergencies.

Water Spider’s flying algorithm allows it to fly in wind speeds of up to 20 knots. With cameras attached to its body, it allows operators to view real-time transmissions of the images or videos captured on scene.