10 Rules of Engagement:

Our 10 Rules of Engagement help guide the choices and decisions our HOPE Technik teammates make every day:

  1. It is a passion and a career, not just a job.
  2. We are engineering commandos – small in number, strong in force.
  3. We believe in doing things right, never take the easiest or most common way.
  4. Focus on the goal, enjoy the process.
  5. Our best intentions and ideas are put into production and if there are any problems, no blame goes to anyone. We will all fix it.
  1. We ensure key work and results are documented in the course of a project.
  2. We do not reinvent the wheel. We adapt and modify proven solutions to give reliable results.
  3. We test the project’s operation and functionality at each and every stage.
  4. We learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow and never stop questioning.
  5. We respect ourselves, our colleagues, our vendors and our clients.