Our Businesses

Innovation lies in the core of HOPE Technik’s business. Our expertise includes product conceptualisation, prototype development, proof of concept, small-scale production and our industry insights have helped numerous discerning clients answer issues of varying complexity and requirements.


On top of our core business of providing customised engineering solutions, HOPE Technik has also established growth engines to deliver the best results to our valued clients. This has resulted in the establishment of TRIGEN Automotive, a vehicular business arm that focuses on developing special application vehicles, and forming a strategic alliance with SESTO Robotics, a leader in industrial autonomous technology.

HOPE Technik: Leading the development of innovative technology through provision of customised engineering products and solutions for various industries

SESTO Robotics: Specialising in autonomous technology application in robotics where its suite of solutions is centred upon the SESTO Automated Guided Vehicle and Autonomous Mobile Robot systems

TRIGEN Automotive: Focusing on special function vehicle productions and vehicle-related projects including ground-up customised trucks and cabin modifications