The Automatic Inspection Vehicle, or AIV is a robot designed to monitor large infrastructures where human inspection alone is not enough to spot defects. Mounted on an I-beam and utilising a variety of sensors to detect changes in the environment, the AIV increases productivity by detecting abnormalities, reducing work risks while providing surveillance during normal operations and emergency situations.

The AIV is equipped with 8 machine vision cameras to capture images for visual analysis, 4 proximity sensors located on the top and bottom of the AIV to detect obstacles, dual-way communication capabilities with workers on-site, a thermal camera to detect hot spots and a pan-tilt zoom camera to provide users with a live view of the environment remotely.

Powered by the automatic docking charging system attached to the I-beam, the AIV carries out accurate and regular inspection of the environment without requiring human intervention. Reports will then be provided to the user to ensure timely rectification of the identified defects, which if otherwise left undetected could result in costly damages. The AIV is also able to integrate with existing central monitoring system, allowing the user to assess the operational readiness of the system.

With the AIV, smarter and effective checks can be conducted, allowing for a more productive method in inspecting, operating and maintaining these infrastructures to ensure a safe working environment for all.