As the land based counterpart to UAVs, HOPE Technik has developed various types of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) which provide a range of robust solutions – ranging from audio and visual tactical reconnaissance by carrying a full suite of thermal and visual cameras, to bomb disposal via robot arm. Built to travel in any terrain both indoors and outdoors, HOPE Technik’s various UGVs with different base and payload options provide high manoeuvrability to carry out different mission objectives.

One example of reconnaissance provision is Throwbot. As its name suggests, Throwbot is a hardy robot that is able to withstand multiple drops from over 3 storeys onto hard concrete. With a weight of 1kg, the Throwbot family provides certainty in unknown environments as it is able to access difficult areas and confined spaces.

Delving into travelling on various types of terrains, HOPE Technik’s All Purpose Terrain (APT) UGV is able to survey the environment while passing the information to the operator who is controlling the UGV via remote control. With the intended capability to navigate rough and uneven surfaces, the UGV is able to provide surveillance in areas where it is not safe for people to enter.





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